THE-G and GXD.
FREIHEIT has two brands, each series has unique club concept.

THE-G features highest performance on conventional shaping, incorporating latest technologies and new idea. Distance, trajectory, spin, shape, feel – The quality and performance would satisfy the players even professional golfers. Due to the players preferred simple shape, ‘OTOKOMAE’ that means ‘handsome’ in Japanese have become synonymous with THE-G series.

GXD series is not bound by particular style. More distance, more forgiveness, more spin and etc. –We addressed various request from golfers even if it’s minority, and focused on responding to request and turn into real product. Distance iron, iron-type hybrid, high repulsion driver – we offered the product that realize the customer request and continue to do in GXD series.

Requests to the club is surely varies and depending on golfer’s age, skill, experience, course management and etc. THE-G and GXD will surely help you to change your game as reliable partner.

About Freiheit Co., Ltd.

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