Maximum distance for average golfers

Average model

THE-G 460Ti

The ultimate orthodox square shape, the shallower rear head, and the lower center of gravity than the 450Ti - all these features make up the 460Ti "Handsome Head". The large silhouette brings a sense of security even when the shaft is long. A high and long trajectory promises average golfers a greater distance.

- In addition to the athlete model (450Ti), 「THE-G」 the average model (460Ti) has been released.

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Secure Handsome Head

◎Orthodox and square shape. Shallower rear head than that of 450Ti. The large silhouette of the head brings a sense of security.

◎Beautiful glossy black color base and satin silver color on the face makes the head profile clear and sharp. The Handsome Head makes it possible to imagine a trajectory when setting up.

A high trajectory and maximum distance

◎The cup face is forged from high intensity
and high resilience 「ZA008+」. The thickness of the face wall has been suitably adjusted to promote faster initial velocity and extra distance on the trajectory, as well as a large resilience area. The body is a 6-4 titanium precision casting, which gives great freedom in the design of the thickness of the face wall.

◎The small face progression and the large center of gravity angle allow you the best shot even from a large head. The shallow rear head and low center of gravity enable a large sweet area and an extra high trajectory. The head weight is rather light so that you can handle a longer shaft.

Tension-free swing.

【Feeling・adjustment function】
◎The cup face forged from「ZA008+」creates a satisfying soft and flexible feel when hitting.
The crisp ball-hitting sound makes you relaxed and free of tension when swinging. Two weight screws on the toe and heel of the sole precisely adjust the head weight, the distance to the center of gravity, and the angle of the center of gravity to your best fit position. (Suitable balance is possible with a shorter shaft by adjusting the weight.)
◎Your favorite club with your favorite feeling of shaft and length is available.
(Screw adjustment is available at a workshop. A set of screws and wrench is sold separately.)


Loft Angle 9.5°  10.5°  11.5°
Lie Angle 59.5°
Face Angle Square to hook 0.5°
Head Weight 195g±
Sole Screw Weight Heal:6g  Toe:2g
Head Volume 460cc
Material・Construction Face:ZA008⁺Titanium forging cup face
Body:6-4 Titanium vacuum precision casting